The Priority Process


The Common Agenda process is designed to strengthen the environmental community as a whole, and to position the community to win significant victories in the NC General Assembly. The Common Agenda is open to all groups in NC who would like to work with others to make legislative changes to protect North Carolina’s precious natural resources and environment. By working together we can be more successful and get more done.

The Common Agenda achieves this result by inviting groups across the state to submit campaign proposals, evaluating these proposals based on a strategic set of criteria, and selecting the campaigns which best meet our shared goals and are most likely to elevate environmental issues within the General Assembly. The Common Agenda participants develop a coordinated strategy to advocate for these priorities, including leveraging joint resources.

The Steering Committee includes representatives from: NC League of Conservation Voters, American Rivers, Environment NC, Environmental Defense Fund, NC Coastal Federation, NC Conservation Network, NC Wildlife Federation, Western NC Alliance.

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