Keep Our Beaches Public & Natural


North Carolina’s beaches are a public treasure. More than two decades ago, the state decided to protect this natural landscape for future generations by prohibiting hardened structures on beaches and inlets. It’s the cornerstone of North Carolina’s coastal policy and a national model.

The hazards of hardened structures are well known. A group of more than 40 state, national and international geologists concluded, “There is no debate: A structure placed at the terminus of a barrier island, near an inlet, will interrupt the natural sand bypass system…and cause negative impacts to adjacent islands.”

By trapping sand on one side, jetties and groins accelerate erosion further down the beach and destroy the natural beauty of our coast.

Despite its success, the state ban on hardened structures is under attack. A lobby effort funded by the Figure Eight Island Homeowners’ Association is attempting to undo the ban to protect a dozen or so secondary homes. Other beach towns are cuing up right behind.

North Carolina’s beaches belong to us all.
Please oppose Senate Bill 599.

For more information: Jim Stephenson, NC Coastal Federation,, (252) 393-8185

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