Stop Global Warming, Start Clean Cars


Legislation Update: SB 1307HB 1179

While the original Clean Cars legislation faced significant difficulties, complicated by the fact that the California legislation it is modeled on is facing problems of its own, the focus was shifted to ensuring that Clean Cars become a legislative study bill. The study bill itself continues to face opposition.

When it comes to global warming, North Carolina has a lot at stake. With more than 3,000 miles of coastline, our state is the nation’s third most vulnerable to rising sea levels. Scientists predict higher temperatures will bring longer periods of drought, punctuated by more intense storms and heavy rains. To avoid the most catastrophic impacts of global warming, scientists agree that rising global warming emissions should peak no later than 2015, and decline by 80 percent or more by 2050.

By passing a renewable energy standard last year, the General Assembly took an important step in reducing global warming pollution from coal-fired power plants. Next, the General Assembly should reduce pollution from transportation, the second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in North Carolina.

The Clean Cars Program will require new cars sold in North Carolina to emit significantly less global warming pollution than today’s cars—slashing emissions by 10 percent each year. Because new cars will be more efficient and pollute less, the program will save consumers more than $20 each month on gasoline.

Thirteen states have already adopted the Clean Cars Program, and several more have pledged to do so. It’s time for North Carolina to join them.

Support efforts to address climate change.
Please support SB 1307/HB 1179.

For more information: Elizabeth Ouzts, Environment NC,, (919) 833-0015

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