Clean Up Jordan Lake


OPPOSE H3, H239=S166, & H350, Disapprove Jordan Lake Rules

Jordan Lake, a major drinking water reservoir and recreational lake in the Triangle, is in trouble. Upstream wastewater discharges and polluted runoff from existing development and farmland are dumping too much nitrogen and phosphorus into the lake. After six years of stakeholder meetings and public hearings, the Environmental Management Commission in May 2008 approved a package of flexible rules that will cut pollution and restore water quality in the lake (and, as a side effect, in tributaries upstream).

Still, some upstream communities oppose aspects of the rules, including a carefully-drafted requirement that local governments begin to control runoff from already-developed landscapes. Environmental advocates and downstream communities support the package and especially this rule, since it is physically impossible to restore water quality in Jordan Lake without controlling upstream runoff.

Please Keep our Drinking Water Supplies Safe by Cleaning up Jordan Lake. Please enact the Jordan Lake Rules and Oppose bills that will Disapprove Jordan Lake Rules.

For more information: Grady McCallie, NC Conservation Network,, (919) 857-4699

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