Water Resources for the Future: Create the framework for better management of our water supplies


Support S907=H1101, Water Resource Policy Act of 2009

North Carolina has been blessed with abundant water resources, but our water law is behind the times. The core concept – that water is a public resource available for the reasonable use of all residents of the state – remains sound; but current law provides no way to ensure that a new water withdrawal won’t leave an existing community, business, or river high and dry.

The legislative Environmental Review Commission’s two year Water Allocation Study has recommended adoption of a permit program for large water withdrawals and comprehensive river basin planning that provides for protection of ecological integrity. We support these recommendations. A new water allocation law is needed to protect river health and economic growth and prosperity.

Please manage our water supplies for our future.
Support S907=H1101, the Water Resource Policy Act.

For more information: Grady McCallie, NC Conservation Network,grady@ncconservationnetwork.org, (919) 857-4699

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