Campaign to Promote Healthy Beaches and Inlets in NC


Pressures to protect private oceanfront property from sea level rise, storms, and erosion are overwhelming existing state laws, policies, regulations, and leadership that have protected our public trust beaches for decades. This campaign seeks to maintain current safeguards for our beaches, while at the same time reaching out and enlisting the support of non-conventional partners to pursue longer-term solutions for maintaining healthy beaches for all citizens of North Carolina. Many of these solutions were identified by the Beach Management Summit organized by the federation in 2009. This is a long-term campaign that has to be waged in the NC General Assembly, in Congress, and with all the federal, state, and local agencies that make decisions about the future of our beaches.

RESULTS:  The Senate added an amendment to a different bill and passed groins partially. We will continue to keep this on our radar screens as it appears it is not going away anytime soon.  A comprehensive beach management plan needs to be addressed soon.

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