Energy Opportunities

This year presents an excellent opportunity for North Carolina to capture the benefits of a clean energy economy through initiatives such as increasing the use of clean renewable energy within the State and strengthening energy efficiency measures. Advancing technologies such as offshore wind and solar power offer opportunities in our state to create jobs and use our domestic resources while reducing the need for other types of costly generation to be constructed. Focus should be placed on preserving and enhancing the State’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (SB 3); maintaining funding for agencies and regulatory programs; and opposing shifting all the financial risks to ratepayers for construction work in progress for new nuclear construction.
NC SAVE$ ENERGY is a great alternative that would create jobs in North Carolina while investing in the weatherization of homes across our state, reducing the need for new plants. NC should not build costly new plants that burden citizens when there are cleaner, more cost-effective alternatives to meet the state’s energy demand in the years ahead.


Support renewable energy incentives
and energy efficiency measures.

More information: Dan Conrad, NC Conservation Network, dan[at], 919-857-4699
Or NC SAVE$, Hope Taylor, Clean Water for NC, hope[at], 919-401-9600.



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