Reducing Wasted Water and Securing Our Future Growth

Half of the homes that will exist in 2030 in North Carolina have not been built yet. All these new families will need to have reliable clean water and many communities across the state will be challenged to meet these needs. Water efficiency – learning to do more with the same – is essential for ensuring the security and continued reliability of our water supplies. Our systems for delivering clean reliable water are outdated and waste more than 60% of the water that communities pay to clean and deliver to homes and businesses.

Improved efficiency will enhance the capacity of our current supplies, making more water available to support prosperous communities and thriving businesses. When compared with traditional approaches to expanding water supplies, such as building new reservoirs, investments in water efficiency are easily shown to be more cost effective. The water supply results are almost immediate, making it a more reliable investment of taxpayers’ dollars.

Please help ensure secure, reliable water supplies for our communities.
Support water efficiency improvement.

More information: Peter Raabe, American Rivers, praabe[at], 919-682-3500
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